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Chrissa Tanelia McFarlane
Healthcare Visionary Executive. Changemaker. Practical Futurist. Global Citizen.

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Minority Female Entrepreneurship
and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution!
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Of the $424.7 billion of funding raised in the past decade for startup companies, less than 2% went to minority women founders. There is tremendous opportunity to be gained in the new digital economy. With an emphasis on diversity and inclusion at the center of this new economy, the time has come for minority women to be part of the building process!

All it takes is to pick up the hard-earned lessons from CEO and Founder of Patientory, Chrissa Tanelia McFarlane in her latest book, FUTURE WOMEN – Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the ERA of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. By the end of FUTURE WOMEN... you’ll be inspired to find your passion for contributions in this new digital landscape.

It’s time for Future Women to claim their place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution! Let’s begin


Dylan BoydR/GA Ventures

Chrissa had a clarity of vision and openness to work on the hard problems in healthcare.

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Published Research

Frontiers in Blockchain

Incentivizing Change within Social Determinants of Health using Blockchain Technology

  • Blockchain In Healthcare Today Pragmatic, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: Paving the Future for Healthcare
  • Semantic Scholar A Healthcare Peer-to-Peer EMR Storage Network


The rise of digital transformation combined with new-age technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency is pushing us forward into the Fourth Industrial Revolution to change the way we live, work and relate to one another. But’s there’s a stark difference in today’s landscape: the Era of the woman has arrived, and the ascent of minority women entrepreneurship is alive and real than ever before.

While women-owned businesses have grown exponentially over the last decade, the road is tougher particularly for minority women entrepreneurs as the stakes are much higher for this group to experience longevity; especially in a world where a boys’ club holds all the keys.

In navigating this, Chrissa Tanelia McFarlane - the world’s first blockchain woman CEO and founder of Patientory - has experienced firsthand what it’s like to tackle the highs and lows living as a minority female entrepreneur. Her debut book Future Women uncovers her personal journey as a woman entrepreneur in healthcare, disparaging the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and blockchain and what the future woman mindset looks like for rising minority women vying to take their place at the table.

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  • Public Speaking Educational and entertainment services, namely, providing motivational speaking services in the field of women's empowerment.
  • Consultation Health care consulting in the field of blockchain technology, patient medical records and medical data

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About the Author

Named as one of the top women, “leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT,” by Becker’s Hospital Review, Chrissa McFarlane is the Founder and CEO of Patientory, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta. McFarlane founded Patientory in December 2015 after seeing the need in the market for more personalized and secure consumer-driven health information management solutions.

Chrissa aims to disrupt the status quo in the world of female minority entrepreneurship. Her latest book Future Women is part of her initiative to empower and create a new story for minority women – one that finds you owning the abundant future that is your God-given right. That doesn’t let other people or circumstances define you and instead, hands you the keys to your entrepreneurial success.

Aside from giving minority women a leg up in their business journey, Chrissa is passionate about transforming healthcare delivery and creating cutting-edge healthcare products.

“I believe innovative technology can help resolve the three primary problems with today's healthcare system: poor quality, limited access, and high cost. I hope to spend my career creating and deploying innovative technologies that enable every person around the world to access high-quality healthcare at sustainable costs. I love working in closely-knit teams to develop and scale new products and grow new businesses.”

With more than ten years’ experience in healthcare conducting research and managing teams, Chrissa has published international healthcare research and helped to create breakthrough digital health companies that have provided services to companies such as Tumblr, Blue Apron, Casper, and Meetup.

Her passion for healthcare began in high school, where she conducted microbiology research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and won top honors. Later at Cornell University, she worked with organizations such as the US Department of Agriculture. She earned her Masters from Wake Forest University School of Business.

Named as a Finalist for the Medtech Insight Award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, under McFarlane’s leadership, Patientory Inc. has received accolades including Top 5 digital health solution in the world for empowering patients, alongside multi-million dollar revenue companies; and it is named a 2018 Globe Award Winner in International Trade by the U.S. State of Georgia.

Chrissa Tanelia McFarlane is also an consultant in the field of Healthcare, Blockchain Technology and medical data analytics. Motivational speaker in the field of women's empowerment.

Specialties: Leadership, Program/Product Development, General Management, Healthcare Technology

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